Tuning and Pitch-Raising

Tuning and servicing your piano regularly will help prolong the life of the instrument as well as help keep the piano in tune and playable.

Scheduled piano service includes a 7-point inspection, light cleaning, and tuning for $80. Sometimes pianos are not serviced annually and over time they can lose their true pitch. If that happens to be the case, a pitch correction and tuning is $110. Emergency calls to service a piano within 48 hours is $90.

Most all pianos have been designed to sound best if they are tuned to a pitch of A=440. When the strings drift below or above the A=440 pitch level, adjustments need to be made to bring them back to the proper pitch standard. This involves setting an even temperament and tuning the unions.

Pitch Correction
If the piano has deviated too far from the standard, a pitch correction will need to be done. A pitch correction is a rough tuning that proceeds the normal fine tuning.

My customers are encouraged to have their piano tuned regularly, eliminating the need for significant pitch adjustments.
Your piano will do best if tuned annually.

Check your piano with the A=440 pitch tone.