Integrity Tuning & Piano Services for areas including Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, and Pella Iowa.
Services can be provided to maintain, repair and enhance your piano in the following areas

Whether you've owned your piano for years, or have recently purchased your first piano, knowing if your piano is out of tune seems like an easy task. If you play a few notes, you should be able to hear if something is "off." But it's not as simple as that. If you play a song and it sounds tinny, sharp or flat, it's your first realization it's time for a tuning. But a piano's pitch may be off long before you notice it in the song you're playing. When was the last time your piano was properly tuned? If a piano is out of tune, it won't sound its best, and will be more difficult to play. To create the best sound possible from your piano, get it tuned today.'' The TUNING tab has more information about tuning services.
Concert pianos should be tuned just prior to an event. This will ensure the best sound for a performance. Let me know about your upcoming event to have your piano in order.
While tuning, I may also discover other issues with your piano that need addressing and fixing them will add to the cost. I offer the service of piano regulating and repairs so your piano will be in proper working order. It may be broken action components, strings, or key tops that need replacing. Estimates will be given for the repair work to be done. I do not do piano complete restorations. There are piano technicians who specialize in and are equipped for major restoration projects.
If your piano has a humidity control system, it will need to be serviced to stay in working condition. I can provide replacement pads, liners, and water treatment additive. See LIFE SAVER SYSTEMS tab for more information.
Pianos will unavoidably get dust inside of them and need to be cleaned occasionally. In addition to light dusting, in time your vertical or grand piano may need a deep cleaning. This service is done using professional products and techniques for cleaning in order to avoid damaging or scratching the piano. The exterior surface can be polished whether the finish is satin or high gloss. The keys are treated with Key-Brite that cleans, brightens and preserves all plastic, ivory or wood instrument keys.
If you are considering buying a used piano, it should be inspected before you buy. This service will help you make an informed decision and know about any potential problems from a pianos tuner's perspective.